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Answer to Rite of Midsummer

Dear Unworthy Mortals -

I regret to inform you all that the sacrifices for this year's Rite of Midsummer were completely and utterly insufficient. There was NOT a SINGLE virgin!!! What in all of Celtic Heaven does a Goddess have to do to get the bloody corpse of an untouched maiden here?? I was going to send unending snow and brutal winter to you all for this, but God wouldnt let me because He is on the Divine Rag...*mutters about men in positions of power*...so instead i have sent out letters to everyone's signifigant others and family members instructing them to love you all less. That is all for today....and remember: MASTURBATION IS AFFIRMATION!!! (now lets see some virgins burned on my altar kids...) ((and none of those...atrociously disfigured women like last year...i DO have taste...))

Lovingly Yours
Illune, Goddess of the Storm
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