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failure of friendship

The bonds between loved ones are a sacred and powerful thing, yet quite fragile as well. To some, it may seem best to keep things on a level of friendship but this does not make the tragedy of a failed relationship any less great.

There is much love in friendships as well but it can twist and turn in surprising ways. Say in the instance that a friend does something that another cannot see any rhyme or reason in. It may be that the injured party, in this case the friend in confusion, has deeper issues that are clouded but fuel their confusion. This can make the friend do or say things that do not make sense and, to the other friend that is the focus of this friend's ire, do more harm than good.

It is the failing of such bonds that I speak of. As the God of Love, I do hold some sway over matters pertaining to friends but there is so much that even an immortal may do when things go wrong. At least, in the instance where one friend has wronged another, I can lend an ear to the injured party and hear their grievance...

...of course, it can be difficult if not impossible to determine the truly injured party as most mortals are too full of themselves to realize they are not the one that is really in any significant pain.

For this confusion, I apologize.
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